• A Bunch Of Malvaceae

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A Bunch Of Malvaceae

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This pocket guide covers the Malvaceae (or mallow) family.

It contains artworks of Abelmoschus moschatus by Aissa Domingo, Adansonia sp. by Galadriel Watson, Alcea rosea by Mehrin Haseeb, Ayenia fruticosa by Daniela Guerra2, Bombax ceiba by Yuliia Khovbosha, Cristaria glaucophylla by María Piedad Aguirre, Eremalche rotundifolia by Tanisa, Hibiscus sabdariffa by Rooha Ahmed, Sphaeralcea coccinea by Abbie Paulson, and Sterculia quadrifida by Markiz Kras. 

The back cover has one published quote, an 8-letter word wheel, and some floriography: Do good with marsh mallows, turn to hollyhock for ideas, be gentle with hibiscus, and come together in love under a linden tree.

About the series: "a bunch of" is a series of pocket sciart guides to plant families. Each issue covers a different plant family and includes 10 submissions from artists with diverse interpretations and mediums, scientific information from published research, and symbolic meanings (or floriography). All of it in a small, foldable format.

By Katrina Vera Wong (KVW Publications) 2023; 148x105mm; 12 pages; Digital Print, Accordian Fold; Zine Shine 2024

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