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All Dressed Up

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All Dressed Up is a fanzine that explores textile set dressings found in the background of movies the zinester watched over the course of four months.

About the artist: Sid is a queer non-binary trans interdisciplinary artist who loves textiles, cyberpunk and snails. They work as the Community Coordinator for OSHWA, as well as Summit Fellowship Chair during OHS planning season. They are also co-chair of Dinacon and a freelance journalist with bylines in CBC, This Magazine and Broken Pencil Magazine. They are a passionate arts educator and zinester. They are probably in the middle of too many projects right now. You can find them at sidneydrmay.com

By Sid Drmay; 2023; 139.7x215.9mm; 15 pages; Full Colour, Laser Print; Zine Shine 2024

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