• Colechi Journal #1, AGREENCULTURE


Colechi Journal #1, AGREENCULTURE

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Colèchi, is the Black-owned collective and research agency making space for farming and how it intersects with clothing. One of the agency’s groundbreaking initiatives is the launch of “AGreenCulture,” the first issue of the brand’s crowdsourced journal which explores the intricate connection between farming and textiles.

Colechi Journal is a collaborative book with voices from growers, weavers, designers, scientists, media and upcyclers to provoke new thinking and collaboration on how the clothing industry can work with nature alongside insight from rural farms to bridge the conversation between agriculture and design methods in the fast paced city. The journal features the voices of leaders including Tamsin Blanchard, Orsola de Castro, Alice Robinson & Sara Grady, Rebecca Burgess, Emma Slade Edmondson, Ngoni Chikwenengere and more.

The journal contains 208 pages of essays, writings and photography giving both a local and international perception on farming and fashion. Blending academic research style with the aesthetic and approach of a magazine.

London, United Kingdom; 208 pages; 180mm x 260mm

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