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Extra Extra #19

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Extra Extra is a new encounter with eroticism in city life: curiosity, tenderness and exaltation for a sensual modern life.

In this issue:

The autumn/winter issue Extra Extra n°19 features theatre director Milo Rau in talks with Marijn Lems about the intertwinement of creative practice with his experience of today’s world. Our recurring essayistic feature The Protagonist of the Erotic is devoted to one of the most iconic pop stars of our generation: Janelle Monáe. Scholar Dan Hassler-Forest – who happens to be a Monáe devotee – reveals in this piece how pleasure can be a force for liberation, following Audre Lorde’s and José Esteban Muñoz’s writing. We are particularly proud to feature the work of Emma Amos in an artist portfolio. Anja Aronowsky Cronberg interviews accessory designer Stéphanie D’heygere on striving to find grace in the commonplace, paying attention to small gestures otherwise easily overlooked.

Also in this issue:
We give the floor to John Cameron Mitchell in an in-depth interview on Shortbus with Paul Dallas, his masterpiece on urban desire, liberation and orgies in early 2000’s New York. Lauren Elkin, in the Epistolary essay, writes longing letters to Branwell Brontë while Justine Gensse takes us by the hand through Porto, the town of sassy poetry. As we believe recommending books is an inherently sexual act, Ben Eastham dives into the genre of coming-of-age stories in Extra Reading. In a special 16-page commission, discover Adrianus Kundert’s Mechanical Erections.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 170 × 240mm; 208 pgs; Softcover; 2022

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