• Fare #9


Fare #9

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 Fare explores the tastes, textures, and triumphs of a single city in each issue.

In this issue: Kampala is Uganda's lively capital, a city shaped by the traditions of the ancient Buganda kingdom, British imperialism, and the many new migrant groups that call it home. 

This influence is seen throughout Kampala, from resourceful and unique dishes such as luwombo—meat and vegetables steamed in banana leaves, originally made for Buganda royals— the flying grasshopper delicacy Nsenene, or the Rolex, an Indian-inspired street snack.

From the Ggaba beaches to the nonstop nightlife of Kabalagala, our local guides showed us the sights, the sounds, and the "undeniable vibe" of the Kampala they know and love.

Glasgow, UK;  170 x 240mm; 190 pages; Biannual

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