• Feels #15


Feels #15

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Feels is, well, a publication about feelings. It is a place to explore, to share, and to be honest. Having an open dialogue about what’s going on inside of us can foster meaningful connections and make us feel less alone.

In this issue: 

Anxiety is a complex experience so many of us share. At times, we may be able to express its symptoms or triggers, but how does it really make us feel? How does it manifest? How does it shift as we grow, age, and move through a changing world?

After four years of publishing, it felt right to return to our first topic again — back to the start of our Feels community. We have talked with so many of you over the years about the subject of anxiety, and we wanted to dedicate more space for sharing. Our hope is that this issue breeds connection, courage, and tenderness — for others, and for ourselves.

Toronto, Canada; 190 x 240m; 48 pages; Bi-Annual; First published in 2017.

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