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Kissing The Ground

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Kissing the Ground is a collection of original poetry with painstaking hand-rounded corners, ranging from treehouse reveries three years old to this June's freshly minted harvest; the output of trying to be honest and deliberate and tender in equal measure. I call them "little ditties" because none of them are that serious, even the ones that are (I also call them "little dudes" but I didn't want it to say "little dudes by Pranya").

About the maker: A trans-medium writer, designer and sometimes coder from Delhi, India. Rooted in a new materialist understanding of post and non-human intelligences, embedded in and drawing from nature, the legacies of found objects, repurposed ephemera and the fallibility of memory. Mostly into what is real, hopefully onto what is not.

By Pranya Gulati; 2024; 215x280mm; 6 pages; Laser Print on Card Stock, Saddle Stitch Binding; Zine Shine 2024

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