• Parsley & Pirouette's Day Off

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Parsley & Pirouette's Day Off

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Parsley and Pirouette spend a casual day off and meet under a tree.

About the makers: 

Subin Ee is a first-generation Korean-Canadian immigrant, born in Seoul, South Korea. She has graduated from the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College in 2017. Upon graduation, She has received YYZ Artists' Outlet Award, Excellence in Writing and/or Art in Support of a Cross-disciplinary Practice. Subin is living and working in Toronto, Canada. Her illustrations are deeply inspired by cats, where she studies their behaviour, and imagines them doing a job. She also believes that cute can save us.

Lisa Oiwa is a Japanese-Canadian visual artist based in Toronto. She works in mixed media, primarily illustration, painting, and miniature clay sculpture. She has an education in Community Work and Fashion Design. Recurring themes in her work include the complicated relationship with oneself, fear of loss, and the duality of emotions. Lisa draws inspiration from the intricacy of cats, children's worldviews, and the ugly sides of being a human.

They met on Instagram through similar interests and mutual friends. Currently, they share a studio to collaborate on illustration projects. 

By Subin Ee and Lisa Oiwa (Collaborative Project); 2024; 140 × 216 mm; 10 pages; Digital Printed Cover, Digital Printed Interior; Zine Shine 2024

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