• Oh-So #6


Oh-So #6

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Rob Hewitt founded Oh-So after his daughter took an interest in skateboarding. When they went to buy her a skateboard, they notice that the selection was male-dominated, and she questioned why she couldn't find something she liked. Oh-So is a magazine that celebrates the global female skateboarding scene. 

In this issue: The Risk Takers, Course Changers, Path Makers, Creators, Dreamers and Story Tellers. Issue 6 celebrates Self. Featuring a great set of interviews with Sarah Meurle, Charlotte Hym, Daniela Terol, Mami Tezuka, Yurin Fujii, Ruby Lilley, Sophie Grant and more. Lastly, a conversation with Jeff Ament, bassist for Pearl Jam. Jeff is an avid skateboarder and through his foundation Montana Pool Service Jeff has contributed to over 20 skatepark builds in Montana State. Jeff offers up great advice on what it takes to stay true to yourself and that it’s ok to fail!

New York, USA; 210 x 270mm; 88 pages; 2021

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