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Period Pieces

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Period Pieces is a collection of 12 poems that started as a way to document the experiences each month adjusting to having a period again after a long stretch of amenorrhea (due to hormonal birth control and/or an eating disorder in order to cope with gender dysphoria and sensory stressors). From there Period Pieces evolved into an invitation to connect through our shared experiences and a break up letter to the "taboo" and shame.

With heavy vulnerability and light humour, Period Pieces is for anyone who's had a period, been curious about the experiences of having a period, or has a complicated relationship to menstruation. 

About the maker: Em Cussen is a Toronto-based queer, genderfluid, neurodivergent writer who believes Oxford commas don't get enough credit. Em is the author of "Period Pieces: a year in menstruation" and has been published in Feels and Carousel Collective zines. Em is a super feeler, wish chip seeker, and recovering people pleaser.

By Em Cussen; 2024; 203.2x127mmm; 20 pages; Waterless printing on uncoated, recycled paper; Zine Shine 2024

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