• Revue Faire #43-45

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Revue Faire #43-45

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Revue Faire is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to graphic design. Produced by Empire, the publishing arm of French design studio Syndicat (designers Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer), Faire is aimed at students as well as researchers and professional designers. Each issue addresses a specific object or theme and is written by a renowned author.

This anthology set includes four issues, numbers 42 through 45, all produced in 2023:

  • N° 42 — 12 ou 13 things I know about: F.R.DAVID by Victoire Le Bars and Benjamin Thorel
  • N° 43 — "A typeface: 'Typographic writing'" by Thierry Chancogne
  • N° 44 — "A conundrum: the visual communication of neuroscience" by James Langdon
  • N° 45 — "Made Redundant (4 Templates)" by Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey

Paris, France; Bilingual, in French and English; 148 pages total, each issue separately bound, b&w and color images, 210mm x 300mm

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