• Sandwich #8


Sandwich #8

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Sandwich takes an iconic sandwich and uses it as a lens for cultural essays, features, photo stories and more. Sandwich was originally developed as a collaboration between an American mayonnaise brand and TCol, the people behind Little White Lies and Huck magazines.

Gordon Ramsay guest edits this Chef’s Special Issue. He says:

“Welcome to the Chef’s Special Issue — we’ve got some brilliant features on the menu for your eyes to digest. I asked some of the most exciting names in food to tell me the sandwiches they make when they get a break in service — they’re the best sandwiches that money can’t buy; we profile the wonderful Philadelphia store Honeysuckle Provisions; award-winning baker David Wright goes deep into what actually makes a sandwich; we speak to private chef Olivia Tiedemann, who’s taking Instagram and TikTok by storm with her cooking videos (and incredible music taste) in one of her first-ever interviews; and much, much more.”

London, UK; 195 x 270mm; 82 pages

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