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Designed with intention, Shame is a seven-page zine featuring my reflections through rants and poems. Themes of vulnerability, black generational curses, fear, discomfort, and anxiety are explored, transforming embarrassment into dignity, love, and pride. I selected photos that juxtapose black cultural images, once deemed shameful during the periods of heightened African American stereotypes, which have now metamorphosed into expressions of "cool" within mainstream culture. The theme of vulnerability is further expressed through the yarn I use to wrap each zine. I carefully select bright yellow or hot pink yarns to tie around the spiral spine, aiming to evoke a sense of lightness and calm in the viewer before they delve into the zine.

About the artist: Asha is a multidisciplinary designer whose insatiable curiosity about objects, natural materials, and the blend of convenience and social familiarity fuels her work. Her passion for graphic design is deeply intertwined with her love for hands-on object building and strategic thinking, creating a unique fusion of creativity and functionality. Residing in Brooklyn, NY, Asha continues to build and shape the world she envisions.

By Asha McClendon; 2023; 165.1x114.3mm; 7 pages; Spiral Bound with Thick Yarn Applied; Zine Shine 2024

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