• Spike #79


Spike #79

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Spike is a contemporary art magazine run by artist Rita Vitorelli. It is aimed at sustaining vigorous, independent, and meaningful art criticism. 

In this issue: The Pessimist Issue

Eco ruin and refugeeism, illiberalization and inequality, hot wars and a New Cold War – the polycrisis hydra is always growing another head. But it’s also a state of mind, an identity crisis brought on by paralysis and cognitive shock. Was it always like this, but with less media reach? Or is capitalism really burning itself out, just without any redemptive zest? The arts are expert at thematizing the woes that affect them – hello, Biennale and documenta – but maybe polycrisis is an instructive metaphor for what’s breaking creativity: the commercial takeover of discourse, the bureaucratization of curating, and the dopamine highs of self-branding.

Maybe we’re at a crossroads between recovery and death. But Spike #79 is clear-eyed about the fact that pessimists are never disappointed.

Berlin, Germany; 215 x 280mm; 159 pages; Quarterly; Spring/Summer 2024

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