• The Soft Guide to Music Production: A Handbook for Everyone

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The Soft Guide to Music Production: A Handbook for Everyone

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Introducing The Soft Guide to Music Production: A Handbook for Everyone, a zine by musical artist Clara Venice. Drawing on a lifetime of playing, writing, performing, composing, and producing music, Clara shares the magic of using sound for transformation, healing, and connection. Discover your inner musician and learn that formal training isn’t necessary to create beautiful music. 

Clara redefines what it means to be a producer in today’s world, comparing it to home cooking or makeup artistry—accessible, personal, and creative. She highlights the ease of modern music production, where incredible recordings can be made in home studios with readily available tools. Addressing gender disparity in the industry, Clara encourages women to dive into music production, sharing her own journey and challenges. She emphasizes the therapeutic and empowering aspects of producing your own music.

The zine also covers the basics of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and offers tips and resources for intuitive music creation. Each zine includes a sticker and a hidden coloring sheet poster when unfolded, making it a delightful and inspiring read for all.

About the artist: Clara Venice, Canada's Theremin Prodigy (CBC), is a futuristic pop artist blending technology and music. She has performed globally, opened for acts like Violent Femmes and Rough Trade, and been featured on CBC, VICE, and NPR. A Canada Council grant recipient, Clara is also a Global Ambassador for MOOG Music’s Theremini. 

By Clara Venice; 2024; 70x108mm; 8 pages; Colour Photocopy; Unfolded zine contains a colouring sheet; Includes a custom sticker; Zine Shine 2024

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