• Viper, Autumn/Winter 2023
  • Viper, Autumn/Winter 2023


Viper, Autumn/Winter 2023

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Viper is the brainchild of DJ Lily Mercer, who combined her love of Hip Hop with her love of fashion and street culture. Mercer says we’ve entered an era in which Hip Hop press is at its least intelligent: So, Viper was created for cult rap fans everywhere.

The magazine explores the culture surrounding the music scene in both the UK and US, with elements of the lifestyle surrounding it. Focusing on musicians in the early stages of their careers, Viper will showcase the future stars, plus clothing lines and brands relevant to the music scene.

This issue is the 10th Anniversary Special

London, U.K.; 180 pages; 210mm x 295mm; Autumn/Winter 2023

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