• We Are Makers #08

We Are Makers

We Are Makers #08

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Through our printed magazine, we celebrate the stories of makers from across the globe who uphold their crafts. Making a stand against mass manufacture, they safeguard traditions, ensure sustainability, and inspire future generations.

In this issue:

  • From Wisconsin, USA, Cecilia Schiller cranks up interest in the traditional art of automata – ‘an analogue world of wonder’.
  • In Leeds, UK, printmaker Gareth Barnes finds creative satisfaction in his unique works on paper, with inspiration from his ‘spindly whippet’.
  • Over in Abruzzo, Italy, sculptor-turned-woodcarver Giorgio Romani finds a deep connection with his material, sharing his skills with through one-to-one tuition.
  • And from the music-rich heritage of Mississippi, USA, Jordan Swindoll made a single snare drum that sounded so good, musicians are now lining up for his custom-made kits.
United Kingdom; 200x270mm; 122 pages
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