• Cartography #9


Cartography #9

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Cartography is an independent magazine devoted to travel culture. Each issue revolves around three world destinations, explored through documentary-style photographs, texts and day-by-day itineraries.

A large-format magazine established in 2016 by Paola Corini and Luca De Santis, Cartography Magazine is based in Milan, distributed all over the world and published twice a year.

In this issue: Anna Castelli, Rodolphe Christin, Davide Coppo, Bea De Giacomo, Stephen Gill, Adrianna Glaviano, Ruska Jorjoliani, Leslie Kern, Parag Khanna, Franco La Cecla, Lawrence Osborne, Jacopo Ottaviani, Valentina Pigmei, Luca Trevisani. 

Milan, Italy; 245mm x 340mm; 210 pages

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