• Drift #11, Los Angeles


Drift #11, Los Angeles

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Drift is a magazine devoted to coffee culture. It's about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit. Each issue highlights a different city.

In this issue:

  • From puppuccinos for four-legged friends to macadamia milk for those seeking dairy alternatives, Los Angelenos are finding a quickly diversifying coffee culture.
  • Old Hollywood, new Hollywood, old Chinatown, new Chinatown: we visit old favorites and newcomers.
  • From surfing to volleyball, the sandy beach communities of Los Angeles’s South Bay have created a unique coffee culture for an Olympic gold medalist and recreationalists alike.
  • High in the Santa Barbara hills and beyond, a budding coffee farm hopes to bring coffee closer to Southern California and create a new ecosystem.

USA; 216 x 280mm; 176 pages; Biannual; 2021

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