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Gossamer #01

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A magazine for people who also smoke weed.

Gossamer looks at the world—travel, design, art, culture, and food—through a green lens. They tell stories that channel the mindset of someone having their best high: interviews, features, photo essays, recommendations, and more that will pique your curiosity, make you laugh, change your perspective, or just give you something to do on a slow, stoned Sunday.

In this issue:

  • A deep dive into the odd (and oddly beautiful) world of fake food by Alexandra Ilyashov, featuring the art of Doan Ly
  • The story of a fin-de-siècle heiress who became the unlikely patron of American paleontology by Kea Krause
  • A short (short!) story (of sorts) by Janicza Bravo and personal essay on not getting high on your own supply from Brett Gelman
  • Our definitive and digestible guide to CBD—it answers all the questions you didn't even know you had!—by Megan McIntyre
  • A series of Gossamer "How Tos" by Molly YoungMan BartlettJulia BainbridgeBeca Grimm, and others
  • A four-day exploration of Sedona, an investigation into the lifestyle book industry, activities, puzzles, and much, much more

New York, USA; 220 x 260mm; 144 pages

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