• AWW Magazine #7


AWW Magazine #7

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AWW Magazine explores happiness and creativity, with unique animal-themed illustration therapy.

Of the issue, "To All The Things I've Loved Before":

Buckle up — we’re taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride! Curious about what kind of teen Maira Kalman, Nina Cosford, Haley Tippmann and many more of your favourite illustrators were like? Discover 8 unique coming-of-age tales (like who used to have a taste for cheesy pop music!) and dive into 21 other memories of their most treasured vintage trends, from mix CDs to Tamagotchis! Also, what’s being a teenager without unrequited love? Take a peek into 18 bedrooms jam-packed with the wildest dreams and celebrity crush keepsakes. Grab your copy today to relive the joy, wonder and craziness of your forever sweet 16!

Founded in Hong Kong, printed in England; 112 pages; 193mm x 255mm; quarterly

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