• Azure #293


Azure #293

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Azure focuses on contemporary architecture and design.

In this issue:

  • A Garden Suite Primer: Just as the residential typology is set to stake its place in Ontario
  • Gorpcore, Illuminated: A roundup of light fixtures inspired by the outdoorsy fashion trend
  • Site Verrier de Meisenthal: A tour of SO – IL’s French glass-blowing factory turned cultural complex
  • Spotlight on Workspace: These ingenious office interiors and products let you take care of business — whether at your desk, in the metaverse or in silent meditation pods
  • Stunning Surfaces: Solid surfacing, veneers and everything in between for putting that perfect final touch on a project
  • The Latest in Kitchens: From full-scale systems to fridges and faucets, the newest options for creating the most welcoming – and functional – of spaces.

Toronto, Canada; 220mm x 260mm; 114 pages

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