• balcony #2


balcony #2

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balcony is a bi-annual collection of conversations with artists situated in the everyday. Each issue contains a selection of dialogues as well as visual stories and original artworks. balcony presents the artist's voice as its primary source, blurring the boundaries between the art world and the everyday.

In this issue:

  • To paint Iowa; Serena Stevens goes home
  • The boy with the thorn in his side; Francesco Tenaglia meets Dennis Cooper
  • Listening to ghosts; Lewis Hammond and Mark Brown return to the future
  • Modernism in the jungle; Giovanna Silva on Geoffrey Bawa in Sri Lanka
  • Some lonesome dubstep; An excerpt from Confessional Poetry by Jibade-Khalil Huffman

Brooklyn, New York.; 168mm x 225mm; 300 pages; biannual

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