• Beside #13


Beside #13

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Beside is an independent magazine at the crossroads of nature and culture featuring personal essays, stories from the field, and ideas—new and old—for better ways to live in the world.

In this issue: Issue 13 - Home

”Home can mean many things: a comfortable dwelling, a familiar landscape, the smell of a favourite meal. But home isn’t simply a place you come from or where you live - it’s a shared desire for better nourishment and a greater sense of belonging. In this issue of BESIDE, we explore the ways that home expands beyond four walls and takes root in our territories, our communities, our bodies.”

Featuring: Jeffrey Binney, P’tit Belliveau, Megan Samms, George Etheredge, Khoa Lê, Klaus Pichler, Naomi Skwarna, and many more…


Montreal, Canada; 160mm x 24mm; 160 pages

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