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Better In My Dreams

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better in my dreams is the debut poetry and photograph zine collection by Toronto artist, writer, and curator Christina Oyawale. Showcasing a series of prose and (un)ordinary thoughts, Oyawale writes about platonic and romantic love from an anarchist perspective; reflective on the uninhibited nature of their navigations of gender and sexuality. Like a stream of consciousness that sometimes gets in its own way, Oyawale attempts to find a silver lining through the magic of natural landscapes and sexual euphoria. Notes and thoughts on disability, ecologies, sexuality, kinship, loss, yearning, and ageing.

About the artist: Christina Oyawale is a Toronto-born self-proclaimed “anarchist punk boy” and emerging multi-hyphenate artist, designer, researcher + curator. Working with film, photography and text, Oyawale uses memories/archives, shared Black feminist history and knowledge sharing to create work that emphasizes a curiosity for learning and documents the importance of slowness, care and emotional gesture within community.

By Christina Oyawale; 2024; 139.7x190.5mm; 44 pages; Printed on Recycled Paper; Zine Shine 2024

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