• Bloom #12


Bloom #12

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Bloom is a magazine for gardeners, plant admirers, nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. They believe that being connected to the natural world makes people happier and the planet stronger. Each issue brings together expert gardening advice and creative explorations of the natural world, and celebrates all green spaces, from wilderness to windowsills.

In this issue: A guide to ditching pricey compost in favour of the ancient practice of hugelkultur; Pro hints on growing salvias; A brilliant piece on designing an immersive back garden (in even the smallest urban space); A how-to on taking cuttings; Recipes for biodynamic plant remedies; Advice on sowing a flowering lawn; Stories on crustaceans, growers making booze and gardeners who have inherited the land they garden on. 


London, UK; 200 x 260mm, 100 pages; Published three times a year; Summer 2022

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