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* as a Journal offers a fresh outlook on contemporary cultural movements and recognises the insightful contributions that artists, creators and researchers from Lithuania and beyond bring to topics of global concern.

Published twice a year, the title of * as a Journal, changes along with the theme of each issue and invites readers to immerse themselves in a single topic from a range of unexpected cultural perspectives. The content of each issue of the magazine is developed by guest editors with a special interest in the chosen topic and created by an international team of contributors.

In this issue: 

Limited in space, bodies are immense in their potentiality. Today, in the face of a crisis – ecological, military, economic and social – it is their vulnerability that defines them most. Guest edited by Neringa Černiauskaitė, a writer, curator and one half of the artistic duo Pakui Hardware, the issue scrutinizes vulnerability in order to show that it is often evoked by systemic flaws rather than personal failures. At the same time, vulnerability is not treated here as something to be anxious about, but as a tool for building community, for transforming rigid structures, for bringing the flesh into theory, and to open up oneself to the other.

Vilnius, Lithuania; 210x280mm; 148 pages

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