• Border Crossings #159

Border Crossings

Border Crossings #159

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Border Crossings is a quarterly magazine investigating contemporary Canadian and international art and culture. If you love art and you want to be taken to unexpected places, if you want to know about the most challenging contemporary artists and issues, and if you want that knowledge to be shaped by the finest writing and images, then Border Crossings is for you.

In this issueGiovanni Aloi on the awe and spectacle of natural history dioramas and the currently contested place of taxidermy in art; Artist Mark Dion is interviewed on his newest work, titled the “Theatre of Extinction”; The interdisciplinary Indigenous art collective Postcommodity are unswerving in their insistence that we read the made world around us through a post-colonial lens; and more.

Winnipeg, Canada; 220mm x 280mm; 176 pages; 2022

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