• Brick #110


Brick #110

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Brick is an international literary journal published twice a year out of Toronto. With a focus on literary non-fiction—and a willingness to stray into fiction and poetry—the magazine prizes the personal voice and celebrates life, art, and the written word with the most invigorating and challenging essays, interviews, translations, memoirs, belles lettres, and unusual musings we can get our hands-on.

In this issue:

  • Tributes to Stan Dragland from Don McKay, Michael Crummey, and Michael Winter
  • Kyo Maclear brings Monet into focus
  • Harold R. Johnson on the communal work of visiting
  • Eleanor Wachtel interviews Ocean Vuong
  • Mariano Vespa orbits the visual field
  • Alison C. Rollins charts a flight path
  • Jessica Johns makes do with story’s seeds
  • Nancy Baele leaves a message for Mavis Gallant
  • Ken Babstock’s odd jobs
  • Pasha Malla in conversation with translator Chris Andrews
  • Y-Dang Troeung on small-town terror, unseen labour, and quadruple overtime
  • Forrest Gander writes to Gozo Yoshimasu
  • Rose Cullis in double
  • Józef Czapski’s fever dream of art in imprisonment
  • Karen Solie and Rob Taylor honour Steven Heighton
  • Fiction by César Aira, Idman Nur Omar, and Timothy Taylor
  • Poetry by Sadiqa de Meijer and Michael Ondaatje
  • A radio play by Anne Carson
  • Plus artwork by Rita Leistner, Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill, Jacqui Oakley, and Lauren Tamaki

Toronto, Canada; 210mm x 230mm; 152 pages

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