• Broccoli #16


Broccoli #16

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Broccoli is an international magazine for cannabis lovers. Presenting a new perspective on cannabis culture, Broccoli is playful, informed, eclectic and thoughtful; it encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through explorations of art and culture. 

In this issue:

  • Policy-shaper Dasheeda Dawson shares her vision of a truly equitable industry
  • Cannabonzai brings new life to an ancient art form
  • Get spooked in Cindy Bernhard's eerie interiors
  • Step off the path into the shadowy realm where goblins dwell
  • Breaking up with weed
  • How Constance Spry rearranged the floral arts
  • A quantum leap into the Garden of Cosmic Speculation
  • Unicorn lore through the ages
  • And a cross-joint tutorial

USA; 185 x 265mm; 88 pages; Perfect bound; printed on premium art paper; Made by an all-woman team


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