• C20 #2


C20 #2

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C20 is the magazine of the Twentieth Century Society, the national charity that campaigns to save British twentieth-century architecture, design and public art from 1914 to the present day. It combines in-depth articles about 20th and 21st century buildings and designs, and delves into the ongoing campaigns and casework the Society does to ensure their protection.

In this issue: 

  • New Town on the block by Alistair Fair
  • Action: Icons of industry by Oli Marshall and Otto Saumarez Smith
  • The seven tenets of Brutalism by Elain Harwood
  • Made in Japan by John Barr
  • Mad Men meets the Midlands: Telegraph Hotel Coventry by Cath Slessor
  • Me and my house: One Colville Place by Catherine Croft
London, UK; 240 x 300 mm; 80 pages; Softcover; 2022
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