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Cairene Flamboyance

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The royal poinciana tree, also known as the flamboyant, or the flame of the forest, blooms in June. June 2022 marked my first return to Cairo during the peak bloom of the flamboyant. I had seen traces of its bloom and remnants of the flowers on Cairo’s streets in the past, but learning that a flame of the forest stood right outside my childhood bedroom window, without my knowledge of that (for 20 years) was bittersweet and heavy. Sometimes these “small” gaps in knowledge and experience in our lands mark us as diasporic & lie at the crux of much more. This risograph zine is made with photographs from that visit, and includes an accompanying poem.

About the artist: Based between Cairo, Toronto, and Abu Dhabi, Farida Rady is a researcher, writer, and artist. Rady’s interests include questions of agency in cities, spatial politics, migrations, and memory.

By Farida Rady; 2023; 145x105mm; 8 pages; Risograph; Zine Shine 2024

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