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Cannibal Lot // Prepare

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Our devious plot is to: dismantle a rundown house through inviting collaborators to engage with the space as a metaphorical feast; build community through catharsis; and to develop shared learnings in material deconstruction and local building techniques. First of a 4 part series.

About the artist: Hanan is an artist and designer. She explores how digital and cultural identity collaborate through investigating the colloquial nature of the digital/technological bias while understanding its modes of communication. The nature of ‘coincidences’ inspires her work, treating them as connecting threads, and it's her role to find the pattern. 

2024; 304.8x457.2mm; Single Page Layout, matte paper with water resistant finish, Single-sided custom placemat style print. Price includes 2 copies for the dinner table; Zine Shine 2024

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