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Canthius #11

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Canthius is an intersectional feminist magazine that publishes poetry and prose by writers of marginalized gender identities, including trans, Two Spirit, non-binary, agender, cis women, genderqueer, GNC, and intersex writers. The magazine is published bi-annually on the unceded territory of the Anishinaabeg and the traditional territory of the Ojibway and the Mississaugas of the New Credit. Recognizing the historical underrepresentation of certain groups in the Canadian literary arts, we are committed to publishing diverse perspectives and experiences and strongly encourage Indigenous women, Black women, and women of colour, to submit.

In this issue: The eleventh issue of Canthius features new writing from Lisa Baird, Ronna Bloom, Heather Saluti, Grace Kwan, Hannah Rubin, Fayth Simmons, Ellen Chang-Richardson, Leah Bobet, Britt McGillivray, Farah Ghafoor, Shana Ross, Yasmine Rukia, Danny McLaren, Emily Kellogg, Jordan Redekop-Jones, Paula Turcotte, AJ Dolman, Lucy Zhang, Sara Mang, Calum Robertson, and Ariel Gordon.

Ottawa, Canada; 175x200mm; 98 pages

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