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Bold, bright, chaotic, stressful, sickly, loud, scrappy and stupid... Founded by beauty photographer Jackson Bowley, CIRCUS is a beauty publication that creates and celebrates the absurd. For their second issue, CIRCUS presents, the impossible issue.

20 x A1 Posters that will make you looks twice.

Contributors include Aidan Zamiri, Alexis Stone, Alfie Kungu, Benjamin Breading, David Brandon Geeting, Éamonn Freel, Francis Plummer, Guillaume Blondiau, Henry Gorse, Ian Macnicol, Jacqui Frey, Jamie Keegan, Janina Zais, Jude Gardner-Rolfe, Keia Tamsin, Lily Bling, Lily Gabrielle, Lynski, Maisie Cousins, Nina Carelli, Olivia Ezechukwu, Rory Mullen, Roydon Misseldine, Sasha Chaika, and Tom Porter.

London, U.K.; 20 x A1 (594 x 841 mm) posters; September 2022

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