• Current Obsession Magazine: Munich Jewellery Week 2023

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Current Obsession Magazine: Munich Jewellery Week 2023

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Current Obsession Magazine is an independent publication discussing contemporary jewellery in the context of today’s visual culture. Each issue revolves around a specific subject, examining it from standpoints of various disciplines. We collaborate with a range of designers, artists, photographers and writers to create delicious exclusive content.

CO works to expand and to empower the meaning of what adornment is, currently, by gathering key personal and cultural signifiers  — jewellery, fashion artefacts, digital means of self-enhancement, body modifications, make-up and drag art —  at the core of its practice.

In this issue: Munich Jewellery Week 2023

Interviews with artists showing work in Munich — Claire McCardle, on view at the IHM; Bezalel Academy, showing as a group Under the Stairs, and artist collective Externalities, with an off-site show at Atelier von Gierke-Berr.

The centre spread this year belongs to one of contemporary jewellery’s most elusive and unique masters — Therese Hilbert, honoured this year at the Pinakothek der Moderne. And a sampling of the field’s practitioners share the events they have their eye on in a new column, Pulse.

A mesmerising journey through the practices of David Clarke, David Bielander, Karl Fritsch, Paul Kooiker and Rudolf Bott, in our cover story, 5 Gentlemen Doing Things.

Fold out our stunning glossy poster collaboration with Helsinki-based illustrator duo ALANKO+NUOTIO featuring works by international jewellery artists in a swirling underwater environment.

Amsterdam, Netherlands; Oversized, 295mm x 430mm; 2023

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