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Der Greif #15

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Der Greif is an award-winning organization for contemporary photography. Rooted in crowd-sourcing, the organization continuously brings together a variety of voices and creates a platform for visibility -in printed publications, online spaces, as a curatorial team and joint project. Since it’s inception in 2008, the organization engages with contemporary subjects such as the changing perception of authorship, de- and re-contextualization of images, appropriation, artistic approaches to photographic archives and the rise of the remix culture. 

Der Greif’s annual publications testify to the potential of image-pairings by different authors to generate new meanings. Der Greif investigates the sites and spaces of image productions as well as their distribution and reception - on screens, in print as well as in exhibitions. The organization reflects on and questions the roles images play: in how we create and process our environment and our respective positions and responsibilities within it. 

In this issue: Issue 15, titled “The Collective Issue”, marks a special approach to Der Greif’s annual guest editing. Instead of working with one guest editor, we have invited 50 artists to each edit a single spread within the publication.


Munich, Germany; 150x210mm; 102 pages; 2022

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