• Disegno #33


Disegno #33

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Disegno is a quarterly, international journal dedicated to long-form writing and photography around design. They explore the political, social, environmental and industrial impact of the discipline of design.

In this issue:

  • Chromatic curation with Sabine Marcelis
  • Technofossils and design's future traces
  • Beta testing for OMA's arts centre in Taipei
  • Multivalent futures at the Smithsonian Institution
  • Sand casting Swiss aluminum with Moritz Scmid and Ville Kokkonen
  • The radio restored by Industrial Facility
  • A case for altruistic design from Eva Feldkamp and All in Awe
  • A Serotonin overload in Yinka Ilori's Acton wonderland

London, UK; 150 x 278mm; 128 pages; 2022 

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