• Encens Magazine #48
  • Encens Magazine #48
  • Encens Magazine #48


Encens Magazine #48

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Published twice a year since 2002, ENCENS is focused on fashion as artform from the perspective of designers rather than trends. The magazine investigate new forms of dressing from past to present with probing interviews, extensive use of photography and vintage, and dynamic layout.

A refresh issue. Four covers. Faces, womens, one of a kind characters. Opening pages dedicated to ISSEY MIYAKE. Celebrating through his uncharted point of view the diametrically opposed. With the urban black and white landscapes of MAX VADUKUL, the up to the skies bodies strikingly dressed in YOHJI YAMAMOTO. ‘If it ain’t moving, it’s dead’, quote ANGELO FLACCAVENTO. The arresting stop the nonsense looks of CHRISTOPHE LEBOURG, meteoric designer of the unadorned in 1984. A digging in the most awaited movie of 1994 : Prêt-à-Porter by ROBERT ALTMAN. An in-depth in the labyrinthic career of BARRY LATEGAN, visual magnetizer, from the memories of his son DYLAN LATEGAN, and the words of DAL CHODHA. And how sporting the 1987 vinyle Substance, by the NEW ORDER, had turned the penniless Christopher Andrews into the most enviable dandy.

Paris, France; 203mm x 268 mm; Autumn/Winter 2022; hardcover

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