• Esquire UK, Spring 2023


Esquire UK, Spring 2023

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Esquire UK calls itself the smart man's guide to the best in men's fashion, restaurants, accessories and tech.

In this issue: 

  • Idris Elba in his own words
  • Menswear goes back to the garden (centre)
  • Pint Zero: Drinking, post-alcohol
  • They say pickle, we say padel
  • Elizabeth Banks on cocaine bear
  • Adam Gopink plays himself
  • Britain’s tastiest pub
  • Tabitha Lasley: Every man is copy
  • Miranda Collinge: Gummy Mummy
  • Spring’s sunniest accessories
  • Fiction by Joanna Kavenna
  • Beige is the colour

London, UK; 230mm x 290mm; 162 pages

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