• Esse #105
  • Esse #105


Esse #105

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Esse arts + opinions is published three times a year. It's a contemporary art magazine covering a wide range of art practices, including visual arts, performance arts, and digital arts, and all forms of socially engaged, site-specific, and performative intervention.

In this issue: In recent years, we have witnessed a marked return to the occult in art, which manifests itself through a reappropriation of esotericism, works motivated by a holistic and benevolent approach, and by a desire for social and ecological justice. The New New Age dossier stands out for its powerful desire to re-enchant the world, to recognize the agency of matter and to militate against the destruction of the Earth and living things, by focusing on what is luminous and performative in this philosophy and its rituals.

Montreal, Canada; 220mm x 290mm; 144 pages; Bilingual in French and English

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