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Esse #107

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Esse arts + opinions is published three times a year. It's a contemporary art magazine covering a wide range of art practices, including visual arts, performance arts, and digital arts, and all forms of socially engaged, site-specific, and performative intervention.

In this issue: As the main foundation of social organization and the first place of socialization, the family has received special attention in the visual arts since the beginning of art history. While contemporary art seems well engaged in a review of cultural practices, the family is reinvested in all its forms. A number of current practices revisit its traditions, its places and its taboos, question what is unspeakable in it and invent, from archives and biographical experiences, new intimate forms of sociability. This issue reflects on family stories as they are rewritten in contemporary art.

Montreal, Canada; 220mm x 290mm; 115 pages; Bilingual in French and English

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