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Fantastic Man

Fantastic Man #35

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Fantastic Man is a semi-annual men's fashion magazine, launched in 2005.

This issue is a blockbuster issue directed by the Italian filmmaker, Luca Guadagnino. It's a feature-length volume devoted to Luca’s obsessions — movies ripe for a remake, bodies to like, people to love, featuring a collection of conversations with amazing actors, artists, musicians, as well as individuals the director calls family and friends.

On the front cover, werewolf Josh O’Connor is seen in his full hairy transformation, photographed by Luca himself. Elsewhere, the cinematographic mastermind speaks, photographs, casts, directs, and manages to include a whole lot of nudity along the way.

Starring: Taylor Russell, Julianne Moore, Chloë Sevigny, Luca Marinelli, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Kyle MacLaughlan, Ariel Schulman, Dev Hynes, Alia Guadagnino, Paul Walter Hauser, Mohamed Bourouissa, David Alvarez, Celia Hempton and many more.

London, UK; 288 x 290mm; 284 pages

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