• Fare #4


Fare #4

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Fare explores the tastes, textures, and triumphs of a single city in each issue.

In this issue: Seoul is a city rooted in ancient memory, faith and tradition. Thoughtful consideration flavours social relationships and every interaction, from the corner shop to the boardroom.

  • Glimmering all-night shopping districts - clustered with street food carts and cafes - offer a surreal experience for the city’s most nocturnal.
  • Meanwhile, in industrial backstreets, improvised eateries grill regional specialities, and noodle houses serve up Northern-rooted classics so beloved that they facilitate peaceful political dialogue.
  • From the glam and skyscrapers of Gangnam to the young, trendy Mapo, each of the city’s 25 districts offers not only something different, but a whole lot of it.

Glasgow, UK;  170 x 240mm; 176 pages; Biannual

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