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Feels #17

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Feels is, well, a publication about feelings. It is a place to explore, to share, and to be honest. Having an open dialogue about what’s going on inside of us can foster meaningful connections and make us feel less alone.

In this issue: It’s funny how much we notice change happening around us, but the shifts in ourselves seem to take longer for us to feel. We catch ourselves doing things differently, only recognizing in hindsight that along with everything else, we’ve grown, too. How do we know when we’ve turned a page; started a new chapter; hell, are in a new book entirely? A road trip proving that no matter where you go, there you are. A full-circle moment of shaving with grandpa. A journey into motherhood that isn’t exactly as expected. A look at one’s reflection and the things we tell ourselves. Find these stories, and many more, in Issue 17: Growth. 

Toronto, Canada; 190 x 240m; 52 pages; four-colour risograph print; Tri-Annual; First published in 2017.

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