• Feels #19


Feels #19

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Feels is, well, a publication about feelings. It is a place to explore, to share, and to be honest. Having an open dialogue about what’s going on inside of us can foster meaningful connections and make us feel less alone.

In this issue: The pit in your stomach. The fear of being seen. The guilt. The contempt. When we look inward and decide we don’t like what we see, how do we cope? Where is that feeling coming from? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we decide it makes us wrong, or bad, or unloveable—as a person? In issue 19, we explore the complex, painful, and transformative (for better or worse) power of an emotion so deep-rooted it can be all-encompassing, but so challenging it can be pushed into the recesses of our minds and bodies: Shame.⁠

Toronto, Canada; 190 x 240m; 49 pages; Bi-Annual; First published in 2017.

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