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Gently Used

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Gently Used is a zine consisting of a collection of stories about people’s experience with finding a memorable item while thrifting at a second-hand store and participating in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) practices. People share stories about their unique second-hand items such as clothing, albums, and vintage technology. Each person describes how donated items are discovered and integrated into their life for continued use. The theme of ‘gently used’ threads through experiences of thrifting and DIY expressed as ‘it’s about the hunt and the unexpected', ‘enough life left to be useful’, ‘fun find’, ‘unique find’, and ‘a new life for a gently used item’. Imagine your own experience while reading these stories. How do these stories inspire you to continue, or start, buying second–hand to contribute to a collective sustainable future? 

About the artist: Natalie R. Chiovitti is a Canadian interdisciplinary communication designer and visual artist. She engages in material and digital approaches to designing zines, artists' books, exhibits, and visual identities. She explores themes of sustainability, consumerism, environmental communication, and community. Her current work explores how communication design can support sustainable fashion practices. 

By Natalie R. Chiovitti; 2023; 139.7x215.9mm; 8 pages; Risograph; Hand-Sewn binding; Zine Shine 2024

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