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GUP Magazine–Guide to Unique Photography provides an inclusive platform for aspiring photographers and highlights the most talented emerging photographers in Europe (and beyond)!

Of issue #72, from the GUP team:

Individualized as each of us might be, don't we sometimes crave to be part of a larger whole? A collective that shares common characteristics, attitudes, and interests as those of our own? In this (post-)covid limbo, we felt the need to reflect on this idea of an imagined community across continents, weaved through empathy. 

On that note, GUP presents you with two exclusive interviews. One is with Mous Lamrabat who elaborates on his mixed identity background and how it manifests itself in his colourful works full of cultural references. The other one showcases the yet unpublished project of Bharat Sikka, who focuses on Indian upper middle-class youth, providing a unique and tender insight into his culture. Inside you can also find two portfolios where one features the work of American photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis and FRESH EYES 2019 talent Jan Philipzen - both a mix of their personal and commissioned works. We close off the main section by highlighting the oeuvre of James Barnor, a 93-year-old Ghanaian photography icon who still continues to be active in the field. 

The brand new element of this magazine is OTHER SIDE - a collaboration with our fellow Amsterdam partners Patta and MTG. Together, we bring you the latest news in fashion, culture, photography, and sports from the tulip metropolis. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands; 200mm x 260mm; 150 pages; since 2005

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