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Harvard Design Magazine #50

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Harvard Design Magazine is a biannual magazine published by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Each issue presents new interpretations of design’s defining role in today’s culture through scholarly, poetic, and visual content. A space for dialogue, speculation, and surprise: Harvard Design Magazine opens a door onto the applied device of design, and the people, places, and politics it engages.

Harvard Design Magazine’s 50th issue is edited by Sarah M. Whiting and Rahul Mehrotra. Its theme, “Today’s Global,” aims to avoid a simple and ineffective return to a mere celebration of the local or the regional. This is a moment instead to foster a nuanced understanding of where design “sits” vis-à-vis our planet and to advance a more productive discourse on globalization. The issue relies on novel examples of design—and even the design of writing—to further today’s global from multiple vantage points.

Cambridge, Massachusetts; 187 pages; biannual; Spring/Summer 2022

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