• Hi-Fructose #65


Hi-Fructose #65

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Hi-Fructose is “The New Contemporary Art Magazine”.  Founded in 2005, this quarterly print publication covers contemporary arts of every kind regardless of genre, medium or trend. It showcases both established artists and newcomers and the spectacles they create.

In this issue: Luke Stewart, Stace Forand, Henry Lewis, Zac Scheinbaum, Victor J Webster, Victor Reyes, Cindy Maxwell, Acetates, Mike Roper, Jason Kundell, Kim Stace Thomas, George Campise, Matt Leibo, Christina Ramos, Andre Malcolm, Trevor McStay, Orly Locquiao, Jared Smith, Miss Juliet, Lango Oliveira, Shun Nakatsuru, Max May, Paul Dobleman, Yutaro Sakai, Jordan Cole Wright, Joey Armstrong, Grime, Jeff Croci, Scott Sylvia, Amanda Lynn

Richmond, CA; 210x270mm; 120 pages

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